Hospital Information Management System

ITDOSE Hospedia is a complete web base ERP for Hospitals. ITDOSE Hospedia has been developed with the objective of streamlining the treatment flow of a patient in the hospital, while allowing doctors and other staff to perform to their peak ability, in an optimized and efficient manner. Hospedia developed by ITDOSE is modular, thus ensuring sustained benefits through changes in technology, protecting and providing optimal returns from the investment. It is modeled on a unique combination of a 'patient centric and medical staff centric' paradigm, beneficial to the recipients and the providers of healthcare. Hospedia uses a network of computers to gather, process, and retrieve patient care and administrative information for all hospital activities to satisfy the functional requirement of the users. It also helps as a decision support system for the hospital authorities for developing comprehensive health care policies. ITDOSE Hospedia incorporates an integrated computerized clinical as well as financial information system for improved hospital administration and patient health care. It also provides an accurate, electronically stored medical record of the patient. A data warehouse of such records can be utilized for statistical requirements and for research. HIS is based on the exemplar of a centralized information system designed for quick delivery of operational and administrative information. The software is built around a highly optimized core library. Application modules are layered around this core and can be suitably customized for any user specific requirements. Modules Features

• Patient Registration:

The system generates a unique registration number for each new patient registered which is used as the future reference of the Patient's medical record. The system captures several demographic details which are exhaustive, however not all fields are mandatory at the time of registration. Some of the immutable characteristics of the patients are compulsory entries, while others are optional. The system has adequate search and recall details from previous registration. The System is also integrated with Barcode.

• OPD Billing/Collection:

The Out Patient Billing module is used to generate bills/receipts for a particular patient with reference to the tests undergone by him, Health Check-up Plans, Day Care Surgery Packages, Day Care Surgeries, Procedures and some other Category charges. Note: The Price list of the Tests, Procedure etc. can vary according to the agreement with Panel Company/TPA

• Casualty Registration:

Accident and Emergency module allows fast registration of patients admitted through Casualty department. It facilitates the capture of key registration details such as demographic information, payment and casualty details as accident information such as accident date and time, location and in case of Medico Legal Cases (MLC), and the police case number.

• Help Desk:

Help Desk has information of the patients, doctors, departments and employees in the hospital. The floor plans / map of the hospital can also be stored in the system. The room allocation information and exact bed of the patient at that particular point in time is constantly updated. This allows operator to check the IPD bill of patient.

• IPD Billing:

IPD-Billing is a module for generating bills for all the Inpatients. Billing will be activated the movement a patient comes to the hospital and gets registered and he is given a unique IP ID. It takes into account the complete billable information right from the admit date, time to the discharge date, time. It performs the calculations of the total amount to be paid by the patient taking into consideration the various billable services, indents, requisitions ordered / placed in favor of the patient.

• Admission, Transfer & Discharge:

The ATD feature is the central control of all room allocations. Prior to admission it checks previous information of the patient and flags the operator about patient preferences and also warns if there are any payments. The ADT system displays the status of all the beds of all wards in the hospital.

• Management Information System:

MIS enables the user to retrieve information from the database in a user-defined format. Different MIS reports are provided at module level and centrally for use by the management.

• EDP Administration:

The Master Tables for all the modules are created /modified through this module. The module gives the user options to configure and limit user access of Application. With the help of this user can Manage Tariff/Items, category etc.

• Laboratory:

This module facilitates in carrying out investigations and entry of Investigation findings in various locations. The system provides the facility to help the department in their workflow management. It shows the status of the tests, samples, test results, report generation of the test results etc. It also helps to view the entire clinical history of the patient.

• Radiology Management:

Radiology module provides integrated and comprehensive facilities for the radiology Department; it includes work List Result Reporting and covers both Inpatient and Outpatient. It has a comprehensive MIS reports. It shows the status of the tests, test results, report generation of the test results etc.

• IPD Billing(Panel Patient):

In case of Panel Patient, the patient bill will be generated in a desired format, with desired rates & condition depending upon the contract between the hospital & Panel Company.

• Purchase Management:

This Module is used for centralized purchase in the hospital for all the items Irrespective of no. of sub stores. This is integrated with all the departments ,sub stores, for receiving indent of routine items or for the purchase of new items as per the consumption or the minimum stock should be maintained in the store or sub stores at various items. Based on indent a quotation is generated & send request to the authorized vendors. Vendor can file their Proposal online. Based on the criteria purchase order will be generated

• General Store:

This system seamlessly integrates the purchase department, sub-stores and various consumption-points (like wards, departments etc.,) in the hospital making acquisition, consumption and distribution of medical and non-medical materials easy to handle. Also with the aid of appropriate reports stock of materials at different store can be checked and maintained. The system finally interfuses with hospital billing system.

• Medical Store:

This module facilitates dispensing of pharmaceutical items to in-patients, outpatients, external- patients and staff. It communicates with ward and billing modules. The nurse places an order to the pharmacy based on the doctor's prescription for patients. The prescription appears in the pharmacy module. This Module is interfaced with Bar Code.

• Doctor Accounting:

This feature facilitates in automatic preparation of Doctors Payable Statement as per the Rules defined in various setups provided in the module.

• Ward Management:

This features handles all the processes involved in the daily transactions that occur in a Ward. These transactions involve Test- requisitions placed for the patient, medicines consumed by the patient, any other consumables consumed by the patient, Bedside procedures performed. All the details regarding all these transactions are directly goes to the billing department for the verification for final bill generation.

• Operation Theatres Management:

Maintenance of OT & staff calendar, OT Scheduling including scheduling of providers & resources, Recording operation details like list of staff present, date of operation, start & end time of operation, details of procedure notes & nurse instructions, pre& post operation care procedures, etc. Interface to inventory & billing.

• Bed Management:

Ability to provide on line access to Accommodation usage by room , Ability to print bed utilization per ward, consultant and specialty on daily ,weekly and monthly basis, Ability to report bed days by Ward, Consultant, Specialty and Diagnosis/classification. Ability to analyze ward or room occupancy status certain attributes like sex, service, age etc.

• Medical Record Management:

This module gives the users the ability to quickly and efficiently identify and locate the physical location of a medical record within.

• Human Resources Management:

This Module helps to calculate and generate Pay Slips, maintain employees' payroll and personnel data on-line, monitor daily attendance data, control position openings, generate external reports, and prepare payroll and personnel summary reports. Designed specifically for the complex personnel needs of health care networks it supports an unlimited number of Staff, job classifications and employee types throughout an organization.

• Appointment Management System:

Incorporation of hospital calendar in the ERP by defining working and non working days and day care timings, Doctor’s schedule etc. Search for consulting doctor as per department, services and availability. Configure doctor's OPD schedule day wise. Booking of multiple slots for patient, Booking of multiple appointments per slot Appointment cancellation / re-scheduling, Appointment through SMS, WAP enabled mobile phones and through web portal.

• Web Enable Module:

Online Lab Reports , Online MIS Reports. Online Doctor Appointment etc.

• Electronic Medical Record:

This features help us to save all the clinical data of patient within a system i.e. complete clinical records includes present complains/lab Reports/Examination/Medicines/OT notes . This Feature allows generating Auto Discharge Summary. EMR facilitates the Doctors to view the complete Medical history of the patient (including Investigation Reports/ICU /OT notes etc).

• Pharmacy:

This Module is used for managing all the daily basis sales & purchase of a chemist shop.This module is customizable as per the business contract between the hospital & vendor.

• Security Management:

It authenticates and authorizes each and every action of the user. It is based on the Role based Security Model. The Security model fits in the three tiers.

• Blood Bank:

This Module will register the Donor information and according to that only the Blood Collection, Blood screening, Blood Component will maintained in the Blood bank. After that the issuing of the blood to the patient will go under process with proper reporting structure.

• Financial Accounting Or Integration with Tally:

The Financial Accounting package generates the Financial Statements on a monthly and annual basis as per the requirement. All the entries are posted into the FA package from the HIS package and the Profit and Loss account, Balance Sheet etc are generated automatically. Value addition Features /Add on Features:

• Bar Code*

HIS is integrated with Barcode and all the patient details can be retrieved with the help of Bar codes.

• SMS*

HIS can be interface with auto generated SMS which can be use as alerts etc.


HIS can be interfaced with PACS helps in storing, retrieval & transmission of digitized patient images directly from modalities such as CT, MRI or CR by sending the images to the centralized Database server by using PACS software complying DICOM.

• Kiosk*

HIS can be interfaced with Medi-Kiosk which enables patient/Attendants to put their ID and get the relevant information like Hospital & Doctor info, Patient outstanding Bill, OPD Cards, Lab Reports etc on a click.

• Multi screen LCD Display Module*

With the help of this module number of LCD screen will be connected to the server while displaying the current status of beds, patient, doctors and nurses on duty floor wise.

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