Laboratory Information Management System

Today's laboratories are privileged to be able to take advantage of the latest LIMS (Laboratory Information Management Solution) to operate with the highest level of efficiency, effectiveness, and quality. The real challenge is to find the right solution that meets both your immediate requirements and future needs. As your business grows, your operation must be continually supported without having to "build in" your new process needs, by painfully applying ad hoc systems or hiring costly external consultants who may not fully understand your business, operation, and legacy systems. A dominant provider of laboratory informatics, ITDOSE Innopath has successfully developed and delivered LIMS solution worldwide. Our informatics solutions are tailored to manage your organization's critical information across multiple laboratory facilities in order to optimize productivity and share knowledge more effectively. We deliver configurable-off-the-shelf solutions for a variety of functional laboratories focused on research, development, quality management, bio- banking and environmental monitoring - just to name a few.

ITDOSE Innopath continues to redefine enterprise laboratory informatics with its leading combination of functionality, flexibility, and technology in one platform. We help organizations model their business-specific workflows, seamlessly integrate with instruments and business applications and meet government regulations to increase productivity, reduce operating costs, and improve overall quality. With Innopath, your enterprise-wide information management is accomplished with

• Intuitive data entry from any Internet or Intranet access device and easy integration to 3rd party instruments and systems,
• Workflow and process automation through a simple user interface, and
• Compliance with internal standards and government regulations through programmable rules and electronic signature.

ITDOSE Innopath is committed to supporting your informatics needs both today and into the future. With flexible and easy-to-use configuration tools, our solutions can be quickly tailored to specific roles within the enterprise, adapted to changing business needs, and extended to other areas of the organization, while also reducing ongoing validation costs. ITDOSE Innopath is an innovative and advanced web based LIS / RIS which provides the cutting edge on stop IT solution to the Diagnostic and Pathology lab chains. ITDOSE Innopath is can combine all the branches and collection centers and partner networks into a centralized platform to facilitate smooth functioning of the operations. Because we believe that Good Service is a Good Business...

Salient Features of ITDOSE Innopath:

⇒ Tailor-made ERP for Pathology Labs.
⇒ Web based LIS application
⇒ Client Server Database Architecture
⇒ Portable across various platforms.
⇒ User Friendly System Administration
⇒ Multi User and Multi Site compatible
⇒ Supports HL7, HIPPA & DICOM Standards
⇒ Compatible with mobile devices
⇒ Interfacing with Barcode, Lab Equipments and auto-generated SMS.
⇒ Web Reporting & Online MIS

ITDOSE Innopath advantages:

⇒ Optimal utilization of resources.
⇒ Ensures increased productivity.
⇒ Cost effective.
⇒ Revenue amplifier.
⇒ Manages inventory effectively.
⇒ Rapid deployment and prompt ROI.
⇒ Centrally managed multi site reporting
⇒ Enhances patient management services.
⇒ Establishes comprehensive user security.

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