Why Outsource?

In today's highly networked world, it has become increasingly simple to outsource your requirements. IT/Software Outsourcing, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Call Center Outsourcing, Consultancy Outsourcing, etc. have all become commonplace. With the advancement of technology and globalization today, the main question is "whom do I outsource to?" in place of "whether to outsource or not". Now to find a reliable partner becomes an absolute necessity.

Outsourcing differs from contracting in that outsourcing involves the restructuring of an organization, allowing it to focus on what it does best. Simply put, outsourcing is to contract to specialists a company's non-core, non-revenue producing activities.

Out of the many outsourcing services available today, Data Entry Outsourcing, Transcription Services Outsourcing, and Data Processing Outsourcing are some of the common services companies outsource, enabling them to focus on their core functions. The outsourcing of non-core functions constitutes a lion's share of the outsourcing business.

Here are some of the common reasons companies outsource:

  • A huge pool of English-speaking and computer literate graduate manpower, to cater to the growing demand for professionals in the field of IT & IT-enabled services
  • To gain access to world-class capabilities
  • Outsourcing helps free a company's internal resources for other purposes
  • To make-up for the unavailability of resources
  • To accelerate reengineering benefits
  • To regain control of functions which are difficult to manage/out of control
  • To make capital funds available
  • To share risks
  • For cash infusion
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